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Cremation Diamonds: A Guide

When someone dies, their bodies are gone. But their memories will live on. That's what most people say. Dying is a natural process and everyone is never exempted to that, unless of course they're vampires or immortals. But the point is, the body is dead and you will be gone and probably forgotten. However, that's not how it's going to be.

Have you ever considered having an obituary keepsake for the one's you loved that died? On ordinary circumstances, keepsakes are memorial candles, memorial books and posters, cards, pictures and to some, even tokens. There are lots of choices of keepsake during your loved one's service. Coming up with one thing that would be very memorable is something to ponder with.

When the funeral services are over, the family often scatters the ashes to the ground or the sea, or whichever the person who died preferred to do. There's always a tribute dedicated to the one's you love. Remembering them would be easy in memory but everyone needs some reminder. Some friends and family members have printed products as keepsake for the departed ones here . And that does not mean only pictures. Even after years of his or her demise, you'll still remember your times together by having the keepsake in your life. But one very unique option that's been found is cremation ashes to diamonds. Yes, you've read it right. The ashes can be made into diamonds! And it is possible. It is amazing how technological innovation has done to even small things. This new technology acccording to the The Christian Post  has cranked up the "still being there" idea up a notch!

In a nutshell, the technology can do amazing feats with the ashes by turning it into diamonds. The carbon that's found in the cremated body of your loved one, including the hair, are pressurized into becoming diamonds. It's basically what happened to dinosaurs before. Years and years of pressure had them converted into important minerals we use today. The ashes of your beloved dead one can be converted into diamond rings, pendants and whatever jewelry you can think of. You don't need a jar anymore, plus you'll remember them in the most special and expensive kind of way.

Whichever type of service and keepsake you choose for your departed loved ones, it's important to remember that remembering them is what matters. Even if their physical nature is already gone, their limitless ideas and values given to you is what matters. So, remember them and keep the spirit of their greatness alive.

Please head over to   http://www.ehow.com/how_2085715_get-cremation-ashes-made-diamonds.html for other relevant information.


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